The Client:

Zest at Work

A Corporate Wellness company, focused on on-site massage therapy, ergonomics and coaching. 

The Problem: 

The site, originally designed for a custom CMS, had been updated many times over the past few years by the owner, leaving the website looking very disorganised. There was lack of explanation on the site as to what the company actually did. 

The client wanted to redesign the site to bring a more organised and professional look and evoke a sense of trust that would be key in a post-pandemic work environment. She also wanted to ensure that the user knew exactly what the company did. 

I was hired as a freelance UX designer, to bring elements of UX into the site to give the company an advantage over their competitors. 


  • UX researcher
  • Interaction designer
  • Visual designer
  • UI Designer


Competitive Analysis

The main take-aways from the competitive analysis include:

  • Most had a clean and clear design, though seemed quite template based.
  • Most gave clear photographic examples of the service with written explanation
  • Up to date with industry standards
  • No up to date information on Covid-19 protocols 


Design Goals

From the lack of information about the company in the original design, I felt it was important to make it very clear on the Homepage. It was also a request from the client that they wanted to have certain pages designed as individual landing pages for advertising purposes. 

User Goal

  • To get clear and concise information about the company and what it does. 
  • To trust the company that they are hiring to look after their staff.
  • To be able to contact the company quickly

Design Implications

  • Bring in the use of Social Proofing, to evoke a sense of trust. 
  • The use of recognizable icons to impart information quickly.
  • Add in many CTAs to allow the user to connect with the company easily. 
  • It is important to get the copy correct. Short and precise information that will read well.  
  • Change the tones of the company colours to give a more relaxed, calming and professional look. 

Lo-Fi Wireframes

User Testing

With the prototypes produced the project did not have a budget for user testing. It was sent out to a small number of potential users to trial. Not expecting a full user test, I asked simply for some feedback. 

As this project is still ongoing, I am still waiting on some feedback. 

On-going Work

The client and I are currently at the 'snag list' phase of the project. While the site is yet to be developed and is not yet live, I am confident that the design is close to completion. I have added a screenshot below of the site. I will update this project when it is completed. 

Using Format