I have an instinctual urge to create. I get antsy when I don't design, draw or paint something. I am constantly thinking of what the right flow is, be it where items are placed in a kitchen to how users should flow around an app. 

I am a highly intentional and detail-oriented designer. I think deeply about design problems, and make sure that there is a reason behind every design decision I make.

I pride myself in my ability to 'stand in someone's shoes'. 

I have a genuine desire to make a positive impact in people’s lives through great design. I firmly believe design has the capacity to improve life in every way. I for one have had enough of not being able to reach certain buttons on my phone one handed while walking my two dogs!

I have had a meaningful career as both a designer and photographer and my strength lies in the fact that I have a background in both fields. This advantage means that I understand the needs and wants of clients from both sides, have an excellent eye for detail, exceptional organisational skills and understand many aspects of the creative industry. I am experienced both working collaboratively in teams and independently and enjoy variety in my workday. 

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