Adoption Project

A few years ago while in college I undertook a portrait project about people who were adopted. Being adopted myself I felt like I could relate to these people that I was photographing. For me I think it was something that really helped me in my journey to find my birth Mother. Hearing other peoples stories and experience helped me realise that there are so many people out there that can understand your way of thinking. I feel that I need to re-start this project and make it something bigger. Make it accessible to all other adopted people, so they can possibly experience the therapeutic effect I achieved.   

For that to happen I need to meet and photograph more adopted people to make this project what I would like it to be. If you are adopted please contact me at 086 154 6141 or or fill in the form below and I will respond to your mail.  If you know someone who is adopted please share this page with them or pass on my details.

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