About Me

I have had a meaningful career as both a designer and photographer and my strength lies in the fact that I have a background in both fields. This advantage means that I understand the needs and wants of clients from both sides, have an excellent eye for detail, exceptional organisational skills and understand many aspects of the creative industry. I am experienced both working collaboratively in teams and independently and enjoy variety in my workday. 

I have a genuine desire to make a positive impact in people’s lives through great design. I firmly believe design has the capacity to improve life in every way. I for one have had enough of not being able to reach certain buttons on my phone one handed while walking my two dogs!

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Creating brand identities for clients is really rewarding for me.

 Getting to understand the essence of a brand by learning about their personality and values and collaborating with them to find the style and tone that will help them achieve their goals is a part of the work I particularly enjoy. From coming up with colour schemes and typography, to creating brand guidelines, it has always been a joy for me to create the overall package.


Logos are a challenge that I find really fun. There is a skill to condensing an entire brand identity into one image that will both inform and draw in the consumer through the use of simple, uncomplicated symbology. 

Over the years I have had the chance to really develop this skill by designing logos for brands from a range of industries and in a variety of styles. This experience has given me a lot of confidence in this area.


I have had the opportunity to design for print many times and understand printer’s needs in terms of resolution, formatting, colour profile and bleed and file size. My work has included event posters, adverts for publication, wedding invitations and commissions, my favourite being a graphic of the winning South African try of the 2019 Rugby World Cup.


My recent training in interaction design principles has given me increased insight into the importance of user experience. Usability, as well as clear and concise navigation is principle to customer engagement. Intelligible accessible information is paramount to extending the ‘duration of visit’ to sites. 


While working for the digital marketing agency In the Company of Huskies and later as a freelancer, I have designed for global brands such as Diageo, (Guinness, Carlsberg), Coca Cola, Google, Concern Worldwide, Vodafone, AIB GAA Baby Jerseys Campaign, UPC, Seat, Aviva, Ulster Bank and many more. In this capacity I designed EDMs, Facebook landing pages, websites, apps, Flash banner adverts and all things digital.

As a freelance designer I continued to work with Huskies and other agencies such as Simply Zesty, Epsilon and Sulware, both from home and in-house.

For Fun

As I am a very curious and artistic person, I am constantly trying to think of ways that I can express my creativity and expand my knowledge base. 

I am a problem-solver and as a result my YouTube feed is mostly designers teaching me how to do 3D writing, isometric designs and digital painting (along with dog videos and Marvel blooper reels).

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